The Farmer

Taylor Yowell


As a native of Madison County, Mississippi, I have been raised in a state centered around agriculture. However, after apprenticing on organic farms in the Northwest, I realized all agriculture is not the same. I took to heart the beneficial qualities of fresh produce grown using natural and sustainable practices.  My agricultural career began in 2011, at an organic farm named Green Fire Farm, located in the Hoopa Valley of Northern California. Since then, I have traveled around the United States learning about natural farming practices, from established farms including Rolling River (CA), Crickets’ Cove (VA), and Native Son (MS). I finally returned home to Madison County, MS in the Fall of 2014, to seek a small piece of land to start a farm. I established The Garden Farmacy in the Spring of 2015, and have since been providing healthy, sustainably grown produce throughout the Jackson Metro area. I personally deliver produce to local residences, locally owned restaurants, and farmers’ markets throughout Jackson. The Garden Farmacy’s mission is to provide you, and your family, access to the healthiest, most nutrient dense fruits and vegetables possible, using responsible and sustainable farming practices.  

Farm-to-Healthcare Program Manager

Marbury Jacobs


I’ve always enjoyed spending time outside and observing how ecosystems thrive and respond to change or adverse conditions.  Upon college graduation, I decided to combine my environmental and local food systems interests by learning how to farm organically.  I apprenticed at Siena Farms, outside of Boston, MA, for my first farming season.  The following season, I co-founded MX Morningstar Farm in the small town of Copake, NY, where I developed and promoted the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for two seasons.  A part-time position at the neighboring Tiny Hearts Farm sparked my passion for growing and arranging sustainably-grown flowers. Throughout those three years, I became more and more interested in learning how to promote food production in a manner that benefits both the agricultural system and the natural ecosystem of the landscape. Additionally, I became very interested in the many social and economic issues surrounding agriculture, nutrition and hunger.  These interests led me to Tufts University, from which I graduated with dual Masters degrees in Public Health and Agriculture, Food & the Environment. I am very excited to further address food access issues in the community as the Farm-to-Healthcare Program Manager, all while being a responsible steward of the land through innovative, environmentally-sound, climate-resiliant agricultural practices at The Garden Farmacy.